Get acting gigs from these websites- Casting Call Cheat Sheet


It dawned on me that a lot of you who are new to acting in the Austin area or Texas in general, may not know where to look for legitimate casting notices.  


To help you out I created a free cheat sheet that has clickable links to websites that provide casting calls from different regions in Texas.


These regions are usually in the larger markets like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.  


I also wrote helpful information with tips and tricks on how to submit for projects and how to increase your chances of getting invited to audition.  


In this free casting call cheat sheet, I also talk about what to expect to find in the casting notices to help guide you through the process.  


To get your hands on this cheat sheet, scroll down and enter your email and name in the form below.  


Enter your email address and within minutes you’ll receive a pdf file with clickable links so that you can bookmark them on your browser to make it easy for you to keep an eye out for new casting calls.

Most of the sites that I list on my pdf cheat sheet will have their own subscription boxes, so make sure to sign up so you can receive emails with new casting calls recently posted.  


BONUS---> Check it out! On this cheat sheet, I go over Craigslist ads on how to sort through the junk to find the really good casting calls that will get you paying gigs.  


A lot of the work that I’ve gotten in the past has come through Craigslist and I’m going to show you my secrets on how to find the good paying jobs by setting alerts so that Craigslist sends you email alerts every time a specific type of casting call is placed.


Don’t miss out on this casting call cheat sheet, you will NEED this.


Scroll down, enter your email and you’ll get my pdf cheat sheets so you can start auditioning for roles and start building that resume!


Download your free casting call cheat sheet

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Got questions? Comments? Leave a message below.  If you want more resources or more detailed information on how to work as an extra and how to get gigs, check out my e-book.

Thank you so much for reading and break a leg!

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