The Simplicity in Eating Clean

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Hello!! Sometimes it is easier for me to edit my blog when I read it aloud.  I decided to record myself reading this blog while I edit it, 1. to find my mistakes and 2. if you aren't able to read this blog, you have the option to listen to this blog instead. 🙂  Enjoy!
Would you say that you ‘eat clean’?  I would like to think that I eat cleaner than I used to, but I’m not 100% there yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am not aiming to eat clean 100% but I definitely want to cut back on all the junk starting with the obvious trash foods. 

Back in 2015 my sister and I decided it was time to change our lifestyle and that we would eat better and exercise to lose weight and finally be happy.  Well, we did just that.  We had a little bit of a rivalry going and we pushed and encouraged each other to keep going.  She lost at least 25 pounds and I lost 10 pounds. 

We managed to keep the weight off until one day in 2016 I got sick and needed arterial surgery.  My days of going to the gym were over until the doctor said it would be ok for me to return.  Without working out I gained weight because I didn’t adjust my food intake.  I was eating cleaner than before but I didn’t get why I was gaining so much weight so fast.  It’s not like I was eating junk food all day, I was resting just like the doctor ordered and the weight just kept piling on. 

In 3 months I gained 15 pounds.  I was discouraged, upset, angry.  So I decided to just give up.  And I did.  As of summer of 2016 up until December 2016, I was eating whatever I craved, whenever I wanted it and as much as I wanted it without giving a crap.  My energy levels started going down big time, my moods were all over the place and of course, my clothes didn’t fit.  Do I even have to say that I gave up acting?  That was my punishment.  I punished myself and took myself off the market both in dating and in acting.  There are very few pictures of me out there ‘cause I didn’t feel I deserved to ‘pretty’ up for the camera.  You get the point.

One day in December right before Christmas I was listening to a podcast at work.  I love my job.  All I do is data entry and I’m allowed to listen to music and podcasts, I use that time for personal growth podcasts.  Anyway, so I’m listening to this guy talk about eating clean and changing your life with this rebooted body movement.  I rolled my eyes.  I mean clean eating was no big deal.  I did it before and I have very crappy willpower.  Really, just wave around some cheesecake and I’ll cave. 

But then he went off and said something that just made me freeze and I knew that I had done it all wrong the first time around.  Had I listened to him in 2015 I wouldn’t have gained weight when I was bed-ridden.  He said, “You are doing this (body reboot) because you love yourself.”  Instantly I felt like it all made sense now.  I had my why’s all wrong.

So I decided I would continue what I started in 2015.  As of the New Year, I would reboot my body and make eating the right foods my priority.  Although it’s so cliché to make health a new year’s resolution, I understand why that makes sense. 

Let me ask you this?  What did you have from Halloween through New Year’s Eve?  Candies, potatoes, yams, pies, tamales, and a plethora of alcohol right?  If not, then you don’t need this blog, you need to comment below and share with the rest of us how you managed to spend HallowsgivingChristmasyear in a healthy eating bubble.  I know it’s very much possible, and your tips are greatly appreciated and needed. 

However, for the rest of us, we spend the last quarter of every year eating junk and we allow ourselves because ‘it’s just this one treat’.  So yeah, vowing to eat healthier each new year is not only understandable but pretty much a necessity to cleanse ourselves of all we just consumed.

Here is how I went wrong. 

I was eating foods that weren’t truly clean.  There are foods out there like ‘whole wheat’ bread that are just loaded with sugars and other chemicals.  I was cutting out foods I loved and I didn’t like feeling deprived. I was eating clean to lose weight not because I deserved to eat clean.  I was working out like a crazy fool the wrong way, basically running around in circles and I wasn’t sleeping much.  The weight that I lost was on the permanent side but I hadn’t truly changed my lifestyle. 


This guy, by the way, is Kevin Michael Geary from Rebooted Body.  


These success tips are not verbatim; I wrote them down as I was listening to his podcast.  (If you want to hear the podcast go here, I really encourage you to check it out.)

TRB005: Thirty Success Tips for the First 30 Days of Lifestyle Transformation


You have to reboot your body for 30 days and make it as simple as possible.


#1.  Log everything that goes into your mouth.  You can take pics of it with your phone if you don’t want to write it down. 

#2. Purge your cupboards.  Throw the junk away.  The way that I did this without feeling guilty about throwing food away (I hate to waste food) is to remember that I am throwing JUNK food away.  Junk=trash.  Just because the word ‘food’ follows the Junk, doesn’t make it a food.

#3. Prepare for it to suck about 2 to 3 weeks.  This is your detox period.  Your body will beg and throw tantrums for sweets and simple carbs.  Remember, you are doing this because you LOVE yourself.  Your body will get used to this changes at around week 4. (as of today I’m on week 11 and I can tell you that it took me closer to 5 weeks to get used to it see number #5).

#4.  Forget about working out.  This was my favorite!  You can walk during this reboot but nothing crazy like Tabita workouts.  Commit to two things; 1. Walking and 2. Eating the RIGHT foods.

#5. Commit to going COLD turkey.  (Sadly I didn’t do this and that’s why it took me longer to get used to the change.)

#6. Prepare for extinction burst for up to 3 months off and on.

#7. Make a list of go-to meals that are easy to make.  Your list should have 5 healthy meals that you can make with whatever you usually keep on hand, can make in under 30 minutes and that is healthy like bacon, eggs, and avocado or my favorite pork stir fry with brown rice.  I usually make extra and freeze the leftovers.

#8. Plan an ‘escape route’.  If you are having monster cravings or extinction burst (where your body thinks it’s dying without cheesecake)execute something from your ‘escape route’.  Some examples were to walk, or take a shower (I personally prefer a scented hot bath, or write in your journal…actors you could look up a monologue and record yourself 😉

#9.  If you are hungry: EAT SOMETHING (see #7)

#10.  Identify the emotion BEFORE you eat.  If an emotion is attached to your hunger, use an escape route from #8.

#11.  Get plenty of sleep.  My sleep hour is exactly 7.5 hours.  What is yours?

#12. Don’t obsess over the quality of your source.  Don’t go around looking strictly for organic or wild caught fish from a nook in Alaska, etc.  You have a lot going on right now and the more ‘hurdles’ you add to the mix or harder you make it for you the more you’ll want to give up.

#13.  Start taking fish oil.  (barf. But I still take mine like a good girl.)

#14. Mix & Match the same foods over and over again.  Repeat your meals.  No one said you need more than 5-7 meals to rotate.  Again, simplicity is key.  For example, I use brown rice, salads, baked zucchini and carrots, baked fish, chicken, and pork.  I’ll make tacos, or stir fries or just fix a nice plate. Essentially it’s the same foods just rearranged and let me tell you I don’t even get bored.  Oh, and did I mention my 8-year-old kiddo eats what I eat?  Yeah, it works for both of us.  Except she dislikes baked veggies so she eats her veggies fresh.  And luckily for me, she loves Tilapia and Salmon as much as I do.  Seafood night!

#15.  Cook in large batches and eat leftovers.  I had mentioned in #7 that I do this.  I have been doing this since 2015 when I first started ‘eating clean’.  I always freeze half of my leftovers in portions so we have ‘fast food’ available at all times.  The other half I use for work the next day.  Triple whammy!

#16.  Get a lot of sunlight. 

#17. Get your kids involved. Get your spouse or significant other involved.  Or get your BFF in it too.  Get those you LOVE in it too, why?  Because you LOVE them.

#18.  Be a student of the game.  Read books, listen to podcasts, watch documentaries.  Immerse yourself in nutrition and biology and facts.

#19.  Take probiotics to improve digestion. Think yogurt.

#20. Get enough fat.  Avocados come to mind. (yum, if someone made an avocado cheesecake I’d be in heaven).

#21. Take vitamin D3.  I, like most Americans, am almost completely deficient in vitamin D3.  I really dislike popping any type of pills so I spend at least 15 to 20 minutes in the sun.  Do what works for you, though.

#22. Learn to conquer eating out.  Have a plan for when you eat out.  Perhaps share a meal with a friend or review the menu ahead of time and pick out what you feel is the best choice.  Ask for a smaller portion or ask for half of it to be boxed up.  Be the guy that sends back the basket of bread.  Why? Because you love yourself and whoever you are having dinner with, otherwise why are you having dinner with them?

#23. Go to social situations on purpose.  This will force you to train to choose the right foods. 

#24.  Blame not eating certain things on an allergy if you don’t want to get into the whole reboot thing.

#25.  Don’t weigh yourself during the first 30 days.  I know you’ll want to.  I did, I weight myself 5 times the first 2 weeks then I gave up.  The needle wasn’t moving but I knew there was a change.  I was more energetic and was a bit more focused.  I didn’t want to get discouraged by seeing the needle glued on that hateful number. 

#26.  Blend if you have to.  If you are running out of time and need something to eat fast, throw a few veggies or fruits in a blender and drink away.  This is much better than running to a fast food joint or going hungry.  It is not recommended by Kevin to drink your foods on a daily basis, though. (or to add sugar)

#27. Always remind yourself this is not a marathon or a race.  This is the rest of your life.  If you screw up today at lunch or all day today, it’s OK.  Just do better the next meal and on.

#28. Master the art of the slow cooker.  I was given a slow cooker a while back but it was just sitting there.  I didn’t even know how to use it but I’m glad I kept it because it has come in handy a ton.

#29.  Eat dinner for breakfast or vice versa.  You can eat whatever (real) food you want whenever you feel like it.  If you love thin crust pizza for breakfast? Do it!

#30. Look at yourself in the mirror every day.  NUDE. And love what you see. (Lock the door first).


I’m not saying this was easy for me nor I am saying that I am perfect or done.  I’m not.  But if you are looking for a natural long term way to change something in your life, I truly believe this will help you achieve that.  Other than ‘because you love yourself’ you have to find your "why".  Why are you here? Why do you want to reboot your body by eating clean?

My reasons were so I can have my energy back.  So I can feel confident and be a better mom. So I can have vitality and longevity.  So I can rock my acting career.  Finally, so my moods would stabilize and my weight would drop to the ideal/healthy level I deserved it to be.

Shortly after reading the 30 success tip list over and over again, I went a little further and wrote down my favorite things to do that would help get me started.  Honestly, I was a little afraid that if I cut out foods I eat I would ‘rebel’ against this reboot and just stuff my face with whatever I could find.  So to ease my mind I wrote this list down and stuck it in my diary where I look in every single day.  You can do this too.

Write down:

Favorite proteins: Mine were fish, chicken, hummus, bacon and ground beef, pork, Cheese, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, almonds and walnuts, Eggs and beans.

Fruits you love and could eat every day: Mine are peaches, mangos, bananas, avocado, pears, cantaloupe, and pineapple. (most of these are carbs and sugary but they are NATURAL.)

Drinks I like Water with lemon, lemon teas, coffee, water.

Veggies (produce) I like Zucchini, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, serrano peppers, grape tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, radish, onions, carrots, broccoli, kale, mushrooms, green beans, red onions, romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce.

Whole grains I like: brown rice, oatmeal, popcorn, real and true whole grain bread, whole wheat spaghetti and vermicelli.

This is a huge list of foods, there is no way I could ever feel like I’m depriving myself of the foods I love.  I can have any of these for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.

After the 30-day reboot, you are welcome to ramp up your exercise to cardio and weight lifting.  However, I strongly suggest you research your body type and find the best times for you to eat and the best type of exercise.  If you don’t want to or like to exercise like me, just keep eating clean and take in as much food as you need to operate on a daily basis.  But on the rare occasion (3 times a week) when I do work out, I have a list of my favorite activities so I don’t have to force myself to do a workout I despise.

Body type: Endomorph.

When is exercise best for me: 8 am-ish.  But in reality, I only have time to work out between 4 and 6 pm, but my ideal time is 8ish, I work out better and I feel ready to take on the world the rest of that day.

Favorite workouts: Bike, treadmill, dance, kickboxing, jogging, hiking.

I can handle _______minute workouts.  Mine is 30 minutes.  This can change depending on your fitness level or frankly on just how much you want to work out.  The recommended amount is 45 minutes per day.

Rewards I would like: ____________________

You still love yourself and you are working hard at eating the right foods and exercising, so you deserve rewards that aren’t food.

Mine are massages, pedicures, sauna sessions, steam rooms, hot tub and long hot baths.

Gym classes I like: ___________

If you have a gym membership go through their gym class schedule and pick out your favorites.

Mine are yoga and body pump.  I don’t go often but I know what to look for when I do have time to go.


And finally, the side effects I want, which was my ‘why’.  Energy, longevity, vitality, confidence, stable moods, be a better mom and actress and finally reach a healthy weight.


I know this blog is very long but I am very excited to share this with you because it worked for me.  I didn’t have to go out and buy kitchen gadgets or exercise equipment.  I didn’t have to learn to do any weird juicing or cooking techniques.  All I had to do is realize that I’m doing this because I LOVE myself and keep working toward my goal of making it through 30 days of rebooting my body so I could be a better me.  And I love you guys for supporting me and reading my blogs and following me on social media and I want nothing but the best for you.  Not only are we actors but we are humans in need of REAL nutrition, REAL food.  And when this works for you, I hope you can inspire the people around you to commit to treating THEIR bodies better all in the name of LOVE.


Thank you for reading and if you want to read blogs from Kevin or listen to his podcast just visit his site.


Thanks for reading!

Be smart, be kind and most of all be fearless and shine!