Rehearsals in the Shower?

The other day I went to an audition for a web commercial and I was so distracted by the director I totally bombed.  He was around my age and oh-so-cute.  Had I gotten the part I wouldn’t have been able to focus and let my guard down and be as goofy as I needed to be.  It didn’t help that he actually wanted to chat for the longest time before getting right down to it.  The audition that is… not something else.  Although… just kidding.  I’m a professional. 

He wanted to know where I am originally from, what school I went to and if I knew some of the people he knew that went to my old school.  Honestly, I forgot for a minute that I was there to audition and felt like I was on a first date. Ha-ha.  His assistant was just sitting there the whole time watching and waiting for us to begin with the audition.  I wondered if this is how he auditions everyone or was I special.  Chances are that was his way of getting me comfortable around them and he does this with everyone but silly me takes every kind word and every smile as a silly school girl with a crush.  If you were in my shoes you’d probably do the same.

So we finally started the audition and he gave me directions and I followed best as I could.  Right after one of the readings I actually said, “that’s not how I rehearsed it in the shower.”  He busted out laughing and I could not believe those words came out of my mouth! I was mortified.  Why on earth would I say that? 

Of course, I didn’t get the part but he and his assistant did say that they were waiting to cast the rest of the parts and depending on who they cast to be my character’s opposite they would make a decision. 

Moral of this story:

  1. Don’t flirt when you’re auditioning.
  2. Don’t bring up your rehearsals in the shower (although I have a suspicion everyone does it) and
  3. Sometimes you don’t get cast because you just don’t fit in. If they are looking to cast the role of the daughter, you have to look like you belong with the rest of the cast. 


I had a great time at that audition and learned quite a lot.  The main thing I learned is that I need to start dating pronto so I can stop thinking cute directors are flirting with me.


I hope you had a laugh with this post and if you have any embarrassing or memorable auditions leave them in the comments below.


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Thank you so much for reading and break a leg!

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