I Think Found my Brand in the Acting Industry

Today I saw a part of my father’s movie’s trailer.  He was the exact age I am today.  I showed it to my 8-year-old daughter whom just weeks ago told me she was going to pursue her acting career.  It hit me.  This need to perform and to entertain others is embedded in our DNA.  Obviously that’s just an expression.  I don’t really think there are organisms within our ribonucleic acid cellular makeup that contains ‘entertainer’ cells.  However, it all makes sense now.  I can’t quit dreaming about being onstage or a tv show (that’s my ultimate dream; to be part of an ensemble cast for ABC or any network that will have me…hint hint).  I have tried to quit acting and focus on being a single mother and focus on my jobs but I can never shake this little nagging feeling in my gut screaming at me to get up and do something about it.

Today I was heading out to my friend’s wedding rehearsal.  Just saying the word ‘rehearsal’ stirred up memories of my days in the theater and stirred up that little nagging feeling in my gut.  I have to have rehearsals on a daily or semi daily basis.  All day I’ve been wondering why my father was more successful than I am.  Well, he’s a man.  He can be handsome or he can be ugly and it won’t matter.  He can be short or tall or bald and it wouldn’t matter.  As for me, plug any of those adjectives next to my name and I have a much slimmer chance of getting where he got.  It took me decades to admit and recognize that I am talented.  And darn it… I am.  But sadly I’ve noticed talent is not enough even when I know that I’ll be better cast as a maid, or server, or any character far from the leading lady.  And I’m ok with that.  I just want to perform; however, I can’t even get those roles.   (‘Oh but so and so isn’t beautiful and she’s a big star’, is what you are probably thinking, but they are the exception and they are who I am looking up to now to become another exception. )

It dawned on me on the way to my friend’s wedding rehearsal, I haven’t found my niche and stuck with it.  Marilyn Monroe was the sex Goddess.  Zoe Deschanel is the quirky beautiful girl next door.  Brittany Murphy was the weirdo who transformed herself into leading lady.  Maybe it’s time for me to transform the image of myself and find a better suited niche.  I’ve always heard that I have an angry expression aka Bitchy Resting Face.  I’ve been cast as the angry wife, maniac villain and dying prostitute.  I think it’s time for me to focus on what I have and use it to my advantage. I’ve given advice to many people through my blogs and videos about finding your niche all the while thinking I had found mine; the mother, the teacher, the wife.  Those aren’t me.  My new niche is dark, gray, villainous, the complexity of animalistic human behavior and the person struggling internally with chaos.  I, just like everyone else in the world have a dark side that I suppress on a daily basis.  Maybe it’s time to let the darkness in me come out to play in a controlled environment without fear of being pigeonholed because the world needs villains and I’m ok with that. I’m more than happy to step in and help those characters come to life.

Have you found your niche?  How did you come to it?  Share with me and show your pictures or demo reel in the comments below.


HELP:  Got monologues for villains/dark souls you can share with me?  Leave me the link on the comments below 🙂  I mean :/ ((evil emoji face))



What type of haircut and color do you think I should get to back up my new niche.


Found this great article online about clarifying your acting niche.  You should read it, takes about 2 minutes to read but Diane Christiansen has great advice.



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