Monologues for Actor Auditions

This is really awesome.  I was Googling ‘monologues’ and I seem to find the same stuff no matter how often I Google.  Until just now I was clicking around and found their resources page.  Et voila! Le Monologuer!  I wish I had known about this site sooner.  Anywho…I just wanted to share this with y’all in case you are looking for some monologues to learn.

Someone posted on the comments section in “…challenge yourself to learn one monologue a month to be audition-ready!” and I totally agree.  I will take on this challenge and learn a new monologue a month.  Actually, I should have already been doing but whatever.  Now that I have The Monologuer I have no excuse.  Are you gonna take the challenge too?  If you do (which you should) post a link in the comments below with your YouTube video of your monologue.


Database search sample from


Of course, you can also find monologues by simply searching in Google.  I just thought having a database is a lot easier and convenient for you to search and print.  If you are new to acting you may not know that you should have at least 2 monologues that you can perform with ease.  One should be a dramatic monologue about 2 minutes long.  The second monologue should be a comedic monologue also lasting about 2 minutes.  


If you need help with tips on how to learn and memorize your lines, let me know so I can help you out.  You can also find an acting coach or attend workshops that are dedicated to learning monologues and giving you feedback -> I can help you find either of those, just leave a comment below or send me an e-mail by filling in the contact form.  🙂


Break a leg!