Why Do you Want to Be An Actor?

Hi Guys, I'm here to share with you a little bit of my book that I'm writing right now.  This book was written by me for you the new actors, for the aspiring actors, and the people who want to take acting up as more than just a hobby.

Check out the video and send me an e-mail Contact@NancyValdez.net or leave a message below if you have any questions.  Also, I am curious, Why do you want to be an actor?  What has motivated you to pursue this career?


Best of luck and see you around.


Nancy Valdez


Many people dream of becoming a celebrity and everything that goes with it.  People only see the sparkly aspect of being a celebrity but don't see the hard work and preparation that goes into it.  Why do you want to be an actor?  You need to ask yourself this and once you determine why, will be able to build a business plan that will help you get there.  I encourage you to try it out for at least a year before you go any further and see if the demands and hard work is good for you.  If the pressure is too much, there might be something you can do to carry on, or this may be the point where you say, 'never mind'.  However, I know that if your answer is, "I want to be an actor because I am an actor.  That is what lies beneath me." then I urge you continue and never give up.  Because try as hard as you might, the dream will never stop haunting you.