3 Online sites that have earned me some extra Ca$h


Hey guys!  Welcome to my ‘other aspirations’ side of the blog.  As a working actor you know holding a flexible job is very important but you also need to find a way to fund your acting career or hobby.  After all, there are some expenses you incur in order to play like headshots, wardrobe, makeup, classes, parking fees, toll fees, babysitters, and the list goes on and on and on.  And when you are starting you might take on more non-paid gigs than paid gigs so a lot of the expense goes un-reimbursed.


I have messed around with some sites online that are supposed to help you earn some money but some places have been a waste of time or a big flop for me.  Today I decided to put together a list of the sites that have actually helped me earn some extra cash to help pay for some of my headshots and things.  Now, listen very carefully right now….these sites WILL NOT PAY YOUR BILLS.  Don’t go and quit your job y’all.  This is just a way to make a couple of hundred dollars a month or maybe more depending on how much time and effort you put into this.  Most of these can be done while you watch TV or just hang out.  So please don’t come back and yell at me if you quit your job and can’t pay your bills.


1. ClickWorker.com

I've been active on ClickWorker for a while now. It's a site where you can earn some money on the side by writing, translating and doing research.  Some of the tasks you will be asked to do is search specific terms on Google, categorize products based on their photos, translate (if you are bilingual), and more.  I usually work on ClickWorker when I’m binge watching something on NetFlix.  Check it out. Registration is free.   *(If you click on the link I provide, you get a bonus and I get a bonus just for referring you. BUT I don’t get my bonus until you actually earn some dough. Smile  Win-Win for all and I appreciate your support.)


2. Qriket

Qriket is completely free to use, you basically earn money to play this game.  You spin the wheel and redeem your earnings with PayPal.  Download the app on iTunes or Google Play.  You are given free spins everyday and if you use code 725877 you will be given 25 more free spins.  I haven’t earned a ton of money here but it’s a fun game to play and I have earned at least $20 and that’s good enough to help pay for parking fees Smile.


3.  UserTesting

I have been working UserTesting for barely 3 months and I have earned $93.  This is possibly the easiest and coolest way to earn some extra money.  I am not getting any referral bonuses for this one BUT it’s too cool for me not to share with you.  I always say there is an abundance of everything out there and sharing is caring.  UserTesting uses people like us to visit websites and think out-loud as you complete certain tasks and navigate through these websites.  Most tasks require a pre-screening to select the correct individual for the task but just about anyone (over the age of 18) is selected to participate.  Tasks are usually only 20 minutes long and I earned $10 per task.  Easy money!  I love it.  I could do that all day everyday but I’m not qualified for all the tasks and that’s ok.


You will need a microphone for this gig and if you don’t already have one, here is one I recommend

*This one is inexpensive and has worked beautifully*


This gig can easily help pay for headshots or books related to acting or even help pay for 1 day seminars!


I really hope this blog has helped you save some time searching for ways to find some extra money.  I know it’s tough out there with all the scams but you just have to be alert and look out for the red flags.  I have done a little bit of the work for ya.  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit me on YouTube.