Extra Work for Actors with No Acting Experience

Hey everybody! Today I wanted to talk briefly about a hot topic for actors.....drum roll::::::> Should actors work as background/extra on a film? Yes or no?  Many people have too many opinions and some people even say stay away from extra work!  As for me, I say working as an extra is a must for new actors and here is why:

  1.  You get a chance to network with other aspiring actors.  You get to see what is out there, talk to them and see what is working for them or what is not working for them.
  2. You get to network with other people!  You might be sitting next to a hobby photographer or hobby makeup artist or a personal trainer!  You never know who you will meet and believe me, the more friends you make and the more connections you make the better.
  3. You will see first hand how a real film set works.  You'll learn basic set etiquette among other things.
  4.  You will earn some cash, this is something great to do during your training and in between auditions.

I recommend that you take on at least 3 different extra gigs from 3 different productions if possible.  The only thing I have to warn you is not to get stuck in the extras wheel.  I have nothing against being a career extra but if your goal is to be a serious actor, you get in for what you came for and move on.

Here is a brief video on this topic or you can watch the extended cut at the link below.

[Extended Cut: https://youtu.be/sqoYQ2Bh9vU ]

What do you think?  Should new actors work as extras?

Got questions? Comments? Leave a message below.  If you want more resources or more detailed information on how to work as an extra and how to get gigs, check out my e-book.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

nancy valdez