Acting In Film Free Lesson

A couple of years ago I took a film acting class.  This class was exactly what I needed to have more experience in front of the camera.  I always wondered if I was offered a role, who would show me how to stand in front of the camera, how to walk, look into my partner's eyes or not?  I didn't know before that acting isn't just crying on command or laughing hysterically or making people believe I was some character.  Acting is something that lives dormant inside of us, emotions are stirred but can you deliver that message clearly?

I've always felt like an empty hermit crab shell.  The hermit crab is the character just waiting to use my shell and voice to deliver it's message.  I am not saying I'm an empty person, but what I am saying is that when the character becomes me and I it, I want to be properly educated to help the character come to life.

The video below, "Michael Caine Teaches Acting In Film" was a pre-requisite for the film acting class I took and I really think every beginner actor should watch it, take notes and learn from it.


Nancy Valdez